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Q: Does Action Installation have receiving facilities?

A: Yes. Action does in fact have a receiving facility, but we do work by appointment only.

Q: What are Action's receiving hours?

A: Our receiving hours are Monday-Friday 8:00a.m.-12:00p.m. by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please call our office during regular business hours.

Q: Does Action Installation sell products?

A: No. Unfortunately, Action does not sell any type of products or furniture. We are strictly a service we provide to our list of dealers and manufacturers.

Q: Is Action a Union Company?

A: No. Action is a non-union corporation that does not offer any type of union labor. However, Union bids may be presented and prevailing wages can be arranged.

Q: I have used furniture that I am trying to sell. Would Action be interested in buying it?

A: Because Action does not sell any type of products or furniture, we do not buy new or used products.

Q: Can Action Installation store my furniture for me?

A: No. Action only receives and stores products from our manufacturers.

Q: Can I ask for a price over the phone?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot give anyone, company or end user, prices over the phone. All quote requests must be either emailed or faxed. This information can be found here.

Q: I have an older system and am looking for replacement parts. Do you have any I can have or buy?

A: Action Installation guarantees most projects and will be happy to assist you if still under warranty. However, if Action was not the original installer and/or it is beyond its warranty, we unfortunately do not have any type of replacement parts in stock.

Q: My Company is moving to a new office space. Can Action move my filing system?

A: Because each project is different, we suggest you send us a quote request and call to make an appointment for an office assessment (if necessary).

Q: I am looking to buy new furniture for my office. Can you help me choose it and order it?

A: Unfortunately we cannot. Action will be more than happy to give you references to companies we work with which can be found here, but we cannot recommend, order, or suggest any type of product or company.

Q: I am looking for a job and am wondering if you are hiring.

A: Because of the specific needs and skills of our company and of our industry, we are currently not hiring new employees.